Flooding in a home or business can be so epic sometimes that you would think you need an arc to escape it. We have seen pipes break in a place and leak in to a room that has a door shut building up a tank of water ready to be unleashed as soon as that door is open. It’s scary and not fun seeing a flood wall of water come barreling through your place destroying all of your possessions. This is why we are here for you, if you do encounter flooding or suspect you have a buildup of water behind a door then don’t open it. Call us immediately and have us come out straight away to inspect the suspected leak. We can get the main water main valve tuned off and also the electric and have you relocate all items of value out of the way of the flood if the door is open. We can also drill through the door to see the extent of the flood water that is trapped and look at making a hole to get a pump in to start pumping the water out of the room and damaging the whole house.

Flooding can also occur from heavy storms, all it takes is a storm drain blocked in your neighborhood for all of that water to back up in to your street and next your house. You can sometimes stave it off with sand bags but most people don’t have this available until it’s too late and it’s breached the house. What we advise is if you can see water is starting to look like it’s going to enter the home and you will normally have a few hours before this happens if the storm is heavy and consistent. Please start to move items upstairs if you have another level and if not try and move items up on tables or kitchen worktops, whatever you can do. If you have an attic then move any valuables up there to save from water damage also move electrics and pictures and anything that’s worth anything to you.

With flooding also brings safety concerns, if you have live electric on during a flood then make sure you try and turn the main power off straight away. But make sure you are not standing in any water if you do it. If you are unsure then get out of the house or go a dry area and call us so we can get out to you and switch the main power off. Your safety is the main concern and the last thing you want is to be electrocuted.

When flooding occurs it will normally be a big renovation to fix after the fact, we will bring in our heaters and fans and make sure the drywall is cut back and the flooring is torn up to get the place bone dry before any new construction is even thought about. It has to be dry because as you know any trapped moisture in the place will cause issues like mold later on and if you have wooden floors put in it can warp. So this is why you need a good company like ours that will make sure nothing gets done before every inch of the place is dry, there is no point in rushing a job it has to be done right the first time to avoid any issues.