By no means is water damage a joy, it not only looks ugly it can affect the home you are living in by creating other nasty issues like mold and structural damage. If you are experiencing any type of water damage then you should really get it looked at straight away because it is one of those things where the longer you leave it the worse it can become.

Normal signs of water damage can sometimes be faint and you might not notice it for a while. Check around window frames and air conditioning vents for signs of the walls yellowing where potential leaking can occur. Another area to look at is the ceiling; patchy yellow spots might indicate a water pipe is dripping somewhere and it needs to be addressed.

Our company employs the latest methods and equipment to see the extent of any water damage lurking behind those walls without having to make holes in the drywall. We can use thermal equipment to see what is going on and we can also drill a very small hole or use a vent to fish a camera through to show you what’s going on in there to see if we need to open up the ceiling or wall.

Florida is also known for some mega storms which can really bring with it water damage to a place. If your roof is old you will probably find water will start to seep in and this can be a major problem because it can damage the structural integrity of the roof. We can come out and check the beams to make sure they are not rotten and see if there is any water damage causing this. If there is we will advise you on the steps to remedy this and if given the nod by you we will start the work.

We advise that if you suspect or have any questions regarding any water damage then just give us a phone call. We will not only give you a free inspection we will also come out and give you a free quote to fix the damage. We will also advise you on the best ways to get the job paid for if you have home insurance so you are not paying too much out of pocket.